A secure network comprises of several modules. We have partnered with best-of-breed product vendors in the differing security modules. As a result we are able to offer you a high performance security solution. We work with you from the ground up or integrate any one of the following solutions into an existing network infrastructure. Our solutions ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your network systems and data.

IT Security Services
Cybercrime threatens productivity, business continuity and client experience at the same time as damaging your organisation’s reputation and endangering compliance with many industry regulations. Integrated network security systems are essential for business continuity and building trust. Our security services enable you to discover vulnerabilities, meet regulations and defend your system from internal and external attacks.

Key Benefits
Complete security strategy including:

Business operations
Policy creation and implementation
Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)
Network Admission Control (NAC )
Remote Access and Authentication (RAS )
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Threat and vulnerability management
Server load balancing
Intrusion protection and detection systems
Email and web security
These services combined with our project management expertise has been tried and tested to ensure best practice implementation from the review and planning stages through to design, implementation and support

Security assessments
In a rapidly changing technology eco system it is essential you have a benchmark of your security services. This will enable you to deal with potential vulnerabilities and make decisions on future plans.

Check the effectiveness of your web control mechanisms
Identify threats through five compliance-based reports
Identify ways of reducing your operating costs

Khan IT Services & Consultancy
We work closely with our clients from day one to ensure that your security assessment is delivered within budget and on time. The assessment can be scaled from:

One-off security assessments with comprehensive documentation of findings
Security policy creation with technical setting
On-going, proactive assessments at pre-defined intervals
On-going, proactive assessment as part of a comprehensive network infrastructure managed service.